The work I enjoy most involves learning, connecting with others, and making things better. Since 2002, I have put my talents to use as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, providing therapy to clients in a variety of settings. Click here to view Renee's CV. The last several years I maintained a successful private practice in St. Louis, Missouri. I loved my office and enjoyed my clients. I never would have dreamed of closing my practice but in 2014 my husband's employment necessitated that our family move to Fort Smith, Arkansas. This surprising change and unexpected life transition has provided me the opportunity to re-design the way I work.

While I have an appreciation for the deep transformative work that can happen in the therapy room, I most enjoy working with clients who are not in crisis but are ready to grow and move to the next level. This is why coaching is a good fit for me. My clients are smart, successful people who are committed to growing and realize that professional help is an investment in themselves. They know that a good coach will offer encouragement and support but will be committed to helping them improve their life in a specific direction.

I often find that most clients fall somewhere on a continuum. On one end they might merely need support and encouragement to stay on track and help correcting course as they move forward with a goal or change. On the other end of the continuum are clients who require assistance getting clear about how they are stuck and need more frequent or focused help moving forward.

There are many ways I can coach clients, but the following will give you an idea of my strengths. Many women I work with want help getting their internal world to match their successful outer persona. Many men I have worked with have experienced success at work but feel like a failure at home or struggle with their interpersonal relationships. Many want help implementing new ways of thinking and acting in their day to day life or desire to change a habit or pattern. Some people are starting a new business or want to improve their leadership skills at work. Others need help navigating the inevitable changes that happen in life. I help them understand the chaos that comes with unexpected change and transition and support them as they navigate through it.

Most of the people I help want to improve their most important relationships with significant others, children, other family, friends, and co-workers. I have coached people through the dating process, engagement period, throughout the different stages of marriage, and assisted with moving through divorce. In summary, most folks I work with want to improve their relationship with themselves, a meaningful person in their life, or request help with a particular issue or challenge.

I love that my work connects me with amazing women and men. I enjoy meeting my clients and learning their unique life story. I feel honored to do the work that I do and to be a part of my client's life and journey. It would be my pleasure to be a part of yours.




Cell: 314-276-1680